Chapter 9: Teaching Media-Immersed Students

Chapter 9: Teaching Media-Immersed Students

To make sure that the attention of my students is maintained, I must keep the topic intriguing and make them want to learn. To be good teacher you must be organized and constantly fight for the attention of your students due to the constant distractions that flow in and out the classroom. Instructional strategies are very important when trying to keep the attention of your students so you must use multiple tactics to keep it. There are many ways to teach and as a teacher you must find out how each individual student learns whether it be through visual displays, auditory or hands on activities.

I think when I teach I will try to use media technologies on a weekly basis if not every day. Students need to be taken away from the traditional style of learning every once in a while because using media, in my opinions allows the student to go beyond a text book for information and to learn in different styles. Factors that will help me make that decision will mainly be the lesson that is being taught. If something that is in the curriculum is really boring, as a teacher you will need to make it your own to try to make it something that the students want to learn.

The selection of technology is very important as well because you do not want the technology being used in the classroom to be a distraction. Make sure that the technology correlates with the lesson and make sure it isn’t too complicated for the students to grasp.

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